We use our proprietary purification systems to create concentrates and e-liquids of the upmost purity, clarification, and potency. All our extracts are lab tested up to 82% THC and are guaranteed to be 100% free of contaminants, plant matter, and solvents!

We begin with locally grown, organic cannabis. All of our raw materials are medical clones, grown with care and under compliance with Prop 215. We rely on the powerful combination of Supercritical-fluid Extraction (SCFE),  Microwave Hydrofusion, and Gravity (MFG) technologies to then extract raw D-9 THC and other Cannabinoids from the plant material. All of our concentrates are guaranteed to be at least 78% D-9 THC.

Our Cartridges are solvent-free and NEVER contain contaminants, which not only detract from the flavor, but can be unsafe to inhale. All tanks are clearly labeled and are available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid!